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The Tube

September 27, 2017

... So there I was at the train station and this guy comes up to me with a yellow tube.  He's wearing a green Dr Evil suit - burgundy pinstripes.

He looks at the tube and puts his fingers into the top end.  With his left hand, he lets go of the tube and reaches out for your right gloved hand.

I …

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So slowly I feel the coolness

September 27, 2017

So slowly I feel the coolness
Drop onto my uncovered arms.
Gradually, I gather myself
Into my dress
As I watch outside my door.
Confusion travels from untinted lips
Into my ears, and my eyes
Watch the shadows creep accross
Leaves towards her arms.
Sometimes I think she might embrace them.

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Joe Mongrel

September 27, 2017

Clear water slips
Between your teeth
Like the chalk
Within her veins
Opal miners
Loves lasting remains
Pieced together in a langiud
For a moment I thought I saw
The sun
Shine from your fingertips
And the strings pluck
From soul and heart
To sound, to ears
To crawl back within

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Rebranding and Web Design

September 27, 2017

Rebranding and web design are currently underway. 

As exciting as these may be, they take a great deal of time and effort.

Whilst this continues, more of Lady Hannah Cadaver's writings will be uploaded to this section.

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The Faceless

May 29, 2017

She made a delivery to an office without a view.  The man who took the package was unrecognisable.  She tried to introduce herself but every time she tried, she failed.  Recognising her frustration, he took her to a mirror where she saw she had no face.  He then showed her a wall of glass that conta…

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Sheriff of Zombie Town

May 1, 2014

Awoke from dreams she was the sheriff of Zombie Town, which was set up by those who's loved ones had become zombies and could not bare to dispose of/ dispatch them.

We also had a research center set up.  Trials of complete blood transfusions had begun.

Discussions on how long we could realistical…

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The minefield crashed into a bus full of vegan zombies.

March 26, 2014

The minefield crashed into a bus full of vegan zombies.  

It fled and climbed to the top of a mountain, dared to look down and saw that all that was destroyed on the way up, had become beautiful as a result.  The minefield turned to look down the other side of the mountain.  Would it climb back do…

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A daily occurrence between her and I

March 17, 2014

A daily occurrence between her and I
Unspoken, it was our way
She would sit or stand.
I would watch her long neck and shoulders
Wishing I were at liberty to touch just once
To see if her skin felt like perfume
Although I had lost my sense of smell years ago
Oh how she made me want to remember.
And c…

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Stands in the epicentre of a whirlwind

March 5, 2014

Stands in the epicentre of a whirlwind.
Calm whilst everything around, pirouettes
She once felt her finger
Flick the eye of a walker
It stained her to tears
And yet and yet
She stands still in the centre of pirouettes
- Written 2014-03-05


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Her Room Was A Shambles, Her Eyes Were A Mess.

February 26, 2014

Her room was a shambles, her eyes were a mess.  The Mona Lisa lay at her feet, yet again.  
She wore razor blades around her neck.
His belt was made of papyrus and he smelled like oaked strawberries.  The leather had taken up smoking again.  He dared not tell his mother.
The TV was on a froze…

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The God Reached Out For Biscuits But Pulled Out Coal

February 24, 2014

The god reached out for biscuits but pulled out coal.  She placed a piece into her mouth just to see how it would feel and it turned to charcoal.  She laughed at the in-joke regarding carbon footprints and dehydration.  She bit down and shuddered that it cleaned her teeth too well.  She will teach t…

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The Missing Link

March 21, 2013

The missing link belts tunes fashioned from twisted, internal memories.  It hides the broccoli, force feeds inferior scotch and reminds of impending anniversaries.  It hides a bed inside a wardrobe and sleeps in a cocoon made of feathers and pillows.  It wakes with the feel of fur and a rough tongue…

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Perfection ...  A Contemplation

June 4, 2010

... the more we strive or look for perfection, the more imperfections we find ... the less perfect we therefore become ... it is when we recognise the goal is therefore negative and no longer perfection, we find perfection right there after all ... such energy is better spent, than wasted ... and so…

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