The minefield crashed into a bus full of vegan zombies.

March 26, 2014

The minefield crashed into a bus full of vegan zombies.  

It fled and climbed to the top of a mountain, dared to look down and saw that all that was destroyed on the way up, had become beautiful as a result.  The minefield turned to look down the other side of the mountain.  Would it climb back down or would it use its own force to create a slide?  The slide idea, did seem like a lot more fun but as it prepared to do so, it spied a single dandelion.  
The dandelion blossomed to be noticed and made the minefield a tea from its roots before creating a song that burst it into the air.

The journey back down took on new meaning to the minefield.  It blew itself into the sky so its many pieces could catch the seeds in their mouths.  In legion, they made wishes from the seeds and blew them back out upon the mountain.  

Dandelion seeds are produced without pollination.  Pure in their immaculate conception, they are genetically identical to their parent.  They took root, made tea, sang and burst over and over again.  They created infinite wishes.

The minefield legion returned as one, to the scene where it had left the bus.  It put wishes in the mouths, ears and eyes of the vegan zombies.  As the wishes began to bloom, the minefield was sure it saw a zombie smile.  The true lust of a zombie is after all, not to remain vegan.

The zombies began using the same method of immaculate conception to multiply and began their own path of destruction up the side of the mountain.  
They cared not for tea, turned the songs into screams and devoured every wish they could, along the way. 

They slid down the other side.

The carnage had barely begun and it was exquisite...

- Written 2014-03-26

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