The Faceless

May 29, 2017

She made a delivery to an office without a view.  The man who took the package was unrecognisable.  She tried to introduce herself but every time she tried, she failed.  Recognising her frustration, he took her to a mirror where she saw she had no face.  He then showed her a wall of glass that contained many faces and told her she would one day get to choose one.

She thought "How do I speak"?  He replied "Not all voices are verbal".
She wondered "How do I see"?  He said "You do not need to see, in order to know".
She asked "Can I choose any of the faces?  Can I be beautiful?"  
He turned her towards him "You can have any face you like.  It can not make you beautiful.  It can not make you ugly.  Your face will give you personality, not character." 

She left, wondering what the hell her name was.


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