Sheriff of Zombie Town

May 1, 2014

Awoke from dreams she was the sheriff of Zombie Town, which was set up by those who's loved ones had become zombies and could not bare to dispose of/ dispatch them.

We also had a research center set up.  Trials of complete blood transfusions had begun.

Discussions on how long we could realistically feed and house the zombies were underway.  All the staff had become vegetarian and we stopped questioning the deliveries of brains a long time ago.  We had developed dark jokes to cope with the deliveries of animals the families of the zombies would send.  Occasionally, we would find someone who had been bitten but had not yet turned, tied to our front gates.

In order to fund it, we had various forms of sports events for both the unbitten and the undead.  One was shot-put, using brains that would land into a field of zombies.  Another, was the obstacle course that was judged upon maximum difficulty that a zombie could still complete.

It is not a nightmare if you wake up giggling.

- Written 2014-05-01


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