The Tube

September 27, 2017

... So there I was at the train station and this guy comes up to me with a yellow tube.  He's wearing a green Dr Evil suit - burgundy pinstripes.

He looks at the tube and puts his fingers into the top end.  With his left hand, he lets go of the tube and reaches out for your right gloved hand.

I hold out my hand to his.  With my right I move towards the tube.  A slow, long, movement.  Kind of graceful even if I do say so myself!

You reach for the tube, and he places the bottom in your hand.  His fingers are still inside.

You remove your glove and place your hand over the uncovered, bottom end of the tube.  

Something with warm, downlike skin or fur moves gently.  It tickles just a little.
I can feel myself smiling as I put my fingers inside and tickle back, wiggling my fingers.  Somehow, I know this makes the tube happy.

A gentle tugging encourages your hand in further and a gentler still suction begins at your fingertips.
You move your hand in just a little further still and notice that the spot where one finger tickles becomes moist.

The tugging suction continues as you push your hand into the tube.  Had you even noticed?  Your curiosity is as plane as the broad smile on your face.  Your skin becomes redder in colour as the first trickle runs down the underside of your hand and drips lightly onto the ground.  You don't appear to give a shit.

My entire hand is covered in a warm, moist goop.  The down feels damp but warm and soft against my skin.  In all directions my skin is tugged, pulled, sucked and tickled.

The moist goop appears to become thicker and thicker by the moment. It no longer tickles and drips from your hand, but oozes and moves downwards falling from your elbow to your feet.  Your skin becomes darker.

My hand is completely inside the tube along with my wrist.  I've noidea when that happened!
How long have my eyes been shut?

I open my eyes and am distracted by the yellow of the tube.  I shut them again.  Warm.
I open them again, partially and flutter my eyelids.  Looking at the tube I have a sudden need to see what is inside.  But just as I do, my hand is pulled further in ... and my eyes shut again ... just for a moment ...

You had looked at the tube and then succumbed ... 
for quite some time.

When I opened my eyes next, the fascination brought on by my curiosity overwhelmed me.  I moved my right had, but the guy squeezed it before I could move from his grasp.  I looked to his face and saw his pale skin.  Paler than before.  His eyes a yellow-green.
He smiled and so I squeezed his hand back as a silent "thank you".

Again, I looked to the tube.  My arm was pulled in further and st as I would have shut my eyes, I instead moved my right hand to reach for the tube.

You move to release your grasp from the left hand.  Yours is grasped tightly.  You squeeze back which makes it easier to control you as you try to reach for the tube again.

My hand is held tightly.  Too tightly.  I can not reach the tube.  I can not release myself from his grip!

I look to his face and see the same smile.  My other arm feels the same pulse.  But I need to see it.
Squirming and struggling, I pulled until my hand "slipped" from my own glove.  My finger were crushed but somehow it did not register!

I reached for the tube and just as I was to begin clawing through it, he reached out his hand, placed my glove in mine.

You have the glove back and watch the tube as it is tapped twice.  That simple.
It springs open and you see your hand is covered in syringes.  Your wrist, your arm.

At the end of each is a tube reaching upwards to his finger tips As he wiggles them, I feel a pulsing in my hand.  The tubes are filled with a deep, bright-red liquid.  My veins look ready to burst.  My skin looks dark, almost burned.

The down is gone.  You never got to see any.  As you look up into his face, you see me with that same smile.

... so yeah, I did the tube thing, but then his train came so he pulls all the syringes out, quick as lightening, just like that an' hops on the train.

I was most disconcerted I can tell you!

Written 2003-05-05

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