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The Tube

September 27, 2017

... So there I was at the train station and this guy comes up to me with a yellow tube.  He's wearing a green Dr Evil suit - burgundy pinstripes.

He looks at the tube and puts his fingers into the top end.  With his left hand, he lets go of the tube and reaches out for your right gloved hand.

I …

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So slowly I feel the coolness

September 27, 2017

So slowly I feel the coolness
Drop onto my uncovered arms.
Gradually, I gather myself
Into my dress
As I watch outside my door.
Confusion travels from untinted lips
Into my ears, and my eyes
Watch the shadows creep accross
Leaves towards her arms.
Sometimes I think she might embrace them.

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Joe Mongrel

September 27, 2017

Clear water slips
Between your teeth
Like the chalk
Within her veins
Opal miners
Loves lasting remains
Pieced together in a langiud
For a moment I thought I saw
The sun
Shine from your fingertips
And the strings pluck
From soul and heart
To sound, to ears
To crawl back within

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Rebranding and Web Design

September 27, 2017

Rebranding and web design are currently underway. 

As exciting as these may be, they take a great deal of time and effort.

Whilst this continues, more of Lady Hannah Cadaver's writings will be uploaded to this section.

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