Welcome To Cadaver world

Cadaver World specialises in convulsive beauty and intricate simplicity.
Surreal visions and scapes hidden amongst articles, descriptions and musings.  

Still yourself slightly, and you will sense a gallery is waiting to be released.  
It whispers "hello" in inappropriate moments, to remind you to return ... 
In jealousy that words are currently prioritised, it is conspiring with a collection of 
Brands and a store for your pleasure ...  

You will just love these darklings to death, so they will be indulged and all will arrive, soon ...  
Truth be told, they love the attention of a later arrival and are excited.
Should you wish to make contact, please do so via the contact page.

Thank you for your grace, 
And remember...  It is not a nightmare, if you wake up giggling.
  - Lady Hannah Cadaver


One should never hand out lolly water, when the occasion calls for bourbon.